al Qaeda’s Global Attack Campaign

In light of threats of attacks in the US homeland on 7 November, this article from the Institute for the Study of War is a good reminder that al Qaeda remains a global threat.

Al Qaeda’s Global Attack Campaign, ISW, November 6, 2016:
“Al Qaeda may be planning attacks in the United States for Monday, November 7, according to a senior FBI official. The FBI continues to assess the intelligence and whether the threat is credible. If true, the plot could signal al Qaeda’s refocus on targeting the US homeland after building significant safe havens in Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Al Qaeda never stopped planning attacks against the US even when it was prioritizing the local fights and working within local dynamics. The group seeks to lead a global insurgency, rooted in these local fights, that it will take to the West. Al Qaeda’s increasing involvement in local conflicts, especially the Syrian Civil War, accelerates rather than contains the threat of the group globally.”

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