Key Points: House Homeland Security Committee Terror Threat Snapshot

The August 2016 edition of the House Homeland Security Committee Terrorism Threat Snapshot has been released and includes the following Key Points:
1. Islamist terrorists will continue to pose a significant threat to the United States and its allies — ISIS and its supporters, undeterred by battlefield setbacks, have now been linked to 105 plots targeting Western interests globally.
2. ISIS, al Qaeda, and other Islamist extremists have built a global network of sanctuaries they can leverage for directing and inspiring terrorist attacks.
3. Radical Islamists are exploiting everything from social media applications, including encrypted technologies, to refugee flows to improve their ability to recruit adherents and conduct terror operations.
4. Detainees freed from Guantanamo Bay have returned to the battlefield at an alarming rate, and now the recruiting pool for these terrorists has expanded under the Obama Administration’s surge of transfers.
5. An emboldened Iranian regime has been building its military capabilities, vying for hegemony across the Middle East, and threatening the United States and its allies.

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