Client Testimonials

From Those We’ve Served…

“Your thorough and engaging knowledge of this topic is truly world-class.”

“Words are not sufficient to express my personal appreciation and admiration for your ministry.”

“Very relevant and helpful.  Great info.  Very well presented.  I appreciated the grace-filled and peace-filled way that CCI presented an ‘uncomfortable to think about’ topic (sexual assault).”

“I want to extend to you a formal letter of appreciation for your invaluable role in assisting us through the recent hostage crisis.  We are all indebted to you for the wise and self-sacrificing manner in which you counseled the Crisis Management Team through this ordeal.”

“We appreciated your involvement in our Missionary Retreat.  The information which you shared with our missionaries is invaluable and helps us all to be aware of the many issues in personal safety.  Thanks again for making yourself available to the Lord and for investing your life in the lives of others.”

“On behalf of our (mission) family world-wide, I want to thank you for your friendship and for the help that you have given to us in the last few years.  We are grateful that we have been spared any major security crisis, and that during some very insecure moments we have been able to contact you for some very professional help and advice. It is very comforting to know you are there and are always ready to share your expertise and your God-given wisdom with us.”