Consultant Profiles

BOB KLAMSER: Executive Director 

Bob Klamser is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Crisis Consulting International.   Bob retired from a 23-year law enforcement career in 1994.  During that career he held a wide range of responsibilities, including command of a criminal investigation unit, command of a hostage negotiation team and command of the operations section of a municipal government’s emergency operations center.  In addition to his responsibilities with Crisis Consulting International, Bob has served as missions pastor and administrator of a large Southern California church.  He also serves on the Professional Services Network for Missio Nexus.

Bob has presented training seminars and conducted consultations involving hundreds of organizations throughout the world.  He has personally participated in hostage negotiations in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He has provided other crisis management and security services throughout the world.

Bob earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in management and executive leadership. He has published professional articles and has conducted pre-publication editorial review for two international security management books. He is a frequent conference and workshop speaker and has appeared as an expert commentator and as a technical consultant on several major television networks. He and his wife, a retired police officer, reside in Southern California.


For ministry and security purposes, CCI does not post personal, detailed information regarding our staff that would unnecessarily raise their profile. However, both individually and collectively, CCI’s staff consists of true experts, with years of experience and real-world, “on the ground” expertise. This experience and expertise includes (but is not limited to):

  • Over 350 years combined law enforcement, intelligence and security management experience, including:
    • Tactical team commanders
    • Law enforcement command staff
    • Hostage negotiators
    • Major incident commanders
    • Secret Service presidential protection
    • U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration
    • Security operations directors
    • Military police
    • Bomb technicians
  • Over 100 years combined global missions experience, including:
    • Agency leadership roles (managers and directors)
    • Field security directors
    • Crisis management leaders
    • Missions mobilization and training
  • Local church leadership experience, including:
    • Short term leaders
    • Church mobilization leaders
    • Missions pastor
Collectively, CCI’s staff has participated in hundreds of projects for faith-based humanitarian and church sending organizations throughout the world, including:
  • Hostage negotiations throughout Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • Site surveys and risk assessments at missionary schools, hospitals, clinics, churches, residential compounds, airports and aviation programs
  • Training programs and seminars focused on field security issues; risk assessment, policy development and contingency planning; and crisis management
  • Personal protection and travel security for high-profile executives of faith-based organizations traveling in high-risk environments
  • Security management for conferences and events throughout the world
  • Coordination of disaster and emergency response by faith-based agencies
What sets CCI apart is our staff, and what distinguishes our staff is:
  • A commitment to the work and ministry of faith-based organizations founded in our personal faith commitments
  • A desire to work in ongoing ministry partnership and relationship, and not simply in a client-provider role
  • Years of proven accomplishment in the security and crisis management arenas, and hands-on expertise in applying that knowledge and expertise in the missions and faith-based environments

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