Early CCI photo

An early meeting of CCI consultants

IN THE EARLY 1980s, a series of high profile missionary kidnappings prompted the faith-based sending community to begin seeking out specialized training in the area of crisis and hostage event management.  In 1986, after more than two years of prayer, planning and consultation, Crisis Consulting International (originally named Contingency Preparation Consultants) was founded to meet this need.    CCI’s founders included Bob Klamser and the late Dr. Chester Quarles, among others.

In the early 1990s, Contingency Preparation Consultants changed its name to Crisis Consulting International.  New trainers and consultants were added to the CCI team.  Throughout the decade, the ministry of CCI expanded from crisis management training to other areas, including risk and security assessments, security details, executive protection, and hostage negotiations.

CCI 02

CCI team at Lausanne 89 in Manila

Into the 2000s, the ministry of CCI regularly took place on all major continents.  Additional training seminars were added, such as the Field Security Seminar and the Security Orientation Seminar.

By the 2010s, CCI had conducted hundreds of training and consultation sessions, trained thousands of faith-based workers, worked with over 100 organizations in more than 50 countries, and managed more than 100 hostage incidents.

To this day, CCI remains one of the very few organizations that offers a faith-based worldview approach to training and consultation services.