Crisis Management Seminar: August 11-13, 2014; Colorado Springs, CO

CCI will hold an open Crisis Management Seminar (CMS) on Aug. 11-13, 2014 at Compassion International in Colorado Springs, CO. The CMS is a 3-day leadership-oriented course which provides … [Read more...]

"Your thorough and engaging knowledge of this topic is truly world-class." "Words are not sufficient to express my personal appreciation and admiration for your ministry." Read all client … [Read more...]

Model Policies

CCI has developed a core set of 12 model policy guidelines which are considered foundational for adequate crisis management preparation. Geared toward the international Christian community, these core … [Read more...]

How to Travel Safely – Tips from a Former Agent Read more: How to Travel Safely – Tips from a Former Agent | STRATFOR

This is a video StratFor (To read the article please vist … [Read more...]

Hostage Negotiation

CCI has consulted directly in more than 65 cases of missionary and humanitarian worker kidnappings, involving almost 150 hostages. In most of these cases we have served as the negotiators representing … [Read more...]

Risk Assessment

CCI conducts site surveys, security reviews and risk assessments at facilities all over the world. Past surveys, reviews and assessments have occurred at missionary schools, hospitals, guest house, … [Read more...]

Training Videos

CCI has also produced several training videos that sending agencies, including local churches, can use where live training is impractical or cost-prohibitive. Available courses include the … [Read more...]

Tactical Breakdown of the Saleh Assassination Attempt

Vice President of Tactical Intelligence Scott Stewart examines blast scene photos from the assassination attempt on the Yemeni President and discusses their significance. … [Read more...]

“Interesting that at our first Crisis Management Team meeting, I followed your training principles verbatim as we set things up. I am so grateful for your training.” (Vice-President of mission … [Read more...]

CCI’s response in Haiti

CrossWorld interview of Bob Klamser regarding CCI's response in Haiti: VIDEO … [Read more...]