New Travel Warning for Mali Restricts Embassy Family Members

The U.S. Department of State continues to warn U.S. citizens against all travel to Mali because of ongoing terrorist attacks and criminal violence. Effective December 27, the Embassy will change its … [Read more...]

Special Advisory Available: Threat to Missionaries in Niger

SPECIAL ADVISORY NOTICE Threats to Missionaries in Niger December 7, 2016 CCI has developed information indicating an increased threat to expatriate missionaries and Christian staff in Niger. … [Read more...]

al Qaeda’s Global Attack Campaign

In light of threats of attacks in the US homeland on 7 November, this article from the Institute for the Study of War is a good reminder that al Qaeda remains a global threat. Al Qaeda's Global … [Read more...]

US Consulate Orders USG Families to Leave Istanbul

A new Travel Warning was issued for Turkey today: "The U.S. Department of State continues to warn U.S. citizens of increased threats from terrorist groups throughout Turkey. U.S. citizens should … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the Presidential Election

October 8, 2016 Dear family, friends and ministry colleagues, I have been asked essentially the same question by family members, church members, missionaries and others and as I travel around … [Read more...]

Key Points: House Homeland Security Committee Terror Threat Snapshot

The August 2016 edition of the House Homeland Security Committee Terrorism Threat Snapshot has been released and includes the following Key Points: 1. Islamist terrorists will continue to pose a … [Read more...]

A Protest to NBC’s “Maya and Marty” Broadcast

Last night (June 7, 2016) I was packing for a trip while the new NBC sitcom "Maya and Marty" was on at my house.  My attention was drawn to a sketch "Kidnapping Video" that centered around a hostage … [Read more...]

Stratfor: Panic Makes for Poor Counterterrorism

Scott Stewart of Stratfor has authored an outstanding assessment of the current terrorist threat to the US as well as commentary on some of the reaction here that CCI recommends as "must" … [Read more...]

Norwegian Court Rules Aid Agency Negligent in Dadaab Kidnap Case

"In a case with far-reaching implications for security in the aid industry, a court in Oslo has found the Norwegian Refugee Council guilty of gross negligence in its handling of the kidnapping of … [Read more...]

Bergen Profiles New Jihadists

Peter Bergen, CNN's National Security Analyst and a respected terrorism researcher and author, offers demographic and profile information on the newest class of jihadists. His article "How ISIS … [Read more...]