CCI Supports New US Policy on Hostage Taking

Today's headlines include bold statements such as "White House to okay negotiating with terror groups holding U.S. hostages" (CNN). In media interviews, Representative Duncan Hunter called the White … [Read more...]

Changes in US Hostage Policy are Critical to Missions

The following was included in a report I prepared recently for the FBI. “Overall, (the negotiation for the release of missionary hostage Phyllis Sortor) along with (another case resolved in 2014) … [Read more...]

CCI Issues Special Advisory Regarding Yemen

January 27, 2015 As this Advisory is written, Yemen is essentially a country without governance. The following quote from the New York Times on January 25 is informative: "Power in Yemen is largely … [Read more...]

Options in Situations of Increasing Risk

CCI is frequently asked about security options that can be employed during a season of deterioration in the local (security) environment or in situations of increased or increasing risk. Rather than … [Read more...]

Developing Residential Safe Rooms

CCI has developed the following guidelines for developing residential safe rooms: 1. It is probably unlikely that anyone would want to construct a complete and new safe room unless they were … [Read more...]

Niger Security Update: Homes and churches attacked

CCI issued an Update to our earlier Alert today that confirms attacks on both churches and the homes on faith-based personnel in Niamey, Niger. Read that Alert. The US Embassy in Niamey issued the … [Read more...]

Threats to Churches in Niger

The US Embassy in Niger issued the following Security Message yesterday (16 January 2015): "This message is to inform U.S. citizens of reports of several attacks associated with protests against … [Read more...]

US Issues Rare Worldwide Travel Alert

International Business Times, Dec. 20, 2014: The U.S. government issued a rare worldwide travel alert for its citizens Friday, citing the attack this week against civilians in Sydney, Australia, and … [Read more...]


The Centers for Disease Control and Education are exhibitors at this week’s International Conference on Missions (ICOM) in Columbus, Ohio. The CDC told CCI that they are intentionally reaching out to … [Read more...]

AQAP publishes updated bomb tutorial and target list

INSITE ON TERRORISM (August 18, 2014): On August 16, 2014, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released an English-language publication calling for lone wolf jihadi attacks, targeting American, … [Read more...]