Thoughts on the Presidential Election

October 8, 2016 Dear family, friends and ministry colleagues, I have been asked essentially the same question by family members, church members, missionaries and others and as I travel around … [Read more...]

A Protest to NBC’s “Maya and Marty” Broadcast

Last night (June 7, 2016) I was packing for a trip while the new NBC sitcom "Maya and Marty" was on at my house.  My attention was drawn to a sketch "Kidnapping Video" that centered around a hostage … [Read more...]

Reject government espionage outreach

Last week an online publication, The Intercept, published a story titled “The Pentagon’s Missionary Spies – U.S. Military Used Christian NGO as Front for North Korea Espionage” . The short version of … [Read more...]

CCI Supports New US Policy on Hostage Taking

Today's headlines include bold statements such as "White House to okay negotiating with terror groups holding U.S. hostages" (CNN). In media interviews, Representative Duncan Hunter called the White … [Read more...]

Changes in US Hostage Policy are Critical to Missions

The following was included in a report I prepared recently for the FBI. “Overall, (the negotiation for the release of missionary hostage Phyllis Sortor) along with (another case resolved in 2014) … [Read more...]

2011 marks the 25th year of CCI's ministry to missionary and international faith-based organizations.  One of the things we've done in this benchmark year is create a new website.  I'd like to … [Read more...]