Online Training

CCI now offers web-based training!

Security Orientation – LEVEL 1 (SO-1) | Course Description
SO-1 is ideal for those participating in church and short-term mission trips, first-time cross-cultural workers, and those working long-term in areas of moderate risk.  SO-1 is also the foundational course for the more advanced security courses, SO-2 and SO-3 (coming soon!).  SO-1 covers the following topics:
Travel Safety and Security (airports, taxis, hotels, profile, dress, money)
Personal Safety and Security (profile management, surveillance management, avoidance, awareness, managing violent encounters)
Course fee: $35.00

ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING: Crisis Management (57 minutes)
A stream-able video presentation on the basics of crisis management, the dynamics and key elements of crisis management teams and how to develop a useful crisis resolution protocol.
Course fee: $95.00 

ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING: Travel Safety and Security (62 minutes)
A stream-able video presentation on the basics of travel safety and security, and personal safety and security.  This presentation covers such topics as how to be security in airports, hotels, taxis and with your money.  It also addresses how to manage surveillance and avoid and manage violent encounters.
Course fee: $95.00


Security Orientation – LEVEL 2 (SO-2) | Course Description
SO-2 offers more advanced field security topics such as:
Hostile observation awareness and surveillance detection
Hostage survival
Managing interrogations

Security Orientation – LEVEL 3 (SO-3) | Course Description
In conjunction with SO-1 and SO-2, SO-3 offers the most comprehensive field security training for faith-based workers in higher risk environments. Topics include:
Convoy management
Checkpoints and ambushes
Improvised explosive devices (IEDs), unexploded ordnance (UXO) and landmines