Security Orientation Workshop – 1 day

SOSThe Security Orientation Seminar (SOW) is a 1-day course that covers fundamental security principles for individuals traveling and living in moderate to higher risk environments.  The SOW is ideal for those going on short-term mission, short-term mission leaders, and for those going to places with some level of security risk.*  The components of the SOW are appropriate for all levels of field experience and relevant for venues throughout the world.  The key elements of the training include**:

  • Travel safety
  • Environmental and situational awareness
  • Managing your profile (environmental; corporate; online)
  • Detecting surveillance and target hardening
  • Managing violent encounters
  • Hostage survival
  • Interrogation

*For long-term and/or “high” risk workers, the Field Security Seminar is recommended.
**Additional, optional training topics may be presented upon request