Training Services

We have developed three fundamental training programs for the international Christian community. Each seminar consists of a combination of classroom presentations, case studies and practical exercises.

The Crisis Management Seminar (CMS) is a 3-day management-oriented course which provides participants with the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities to provide a competent security and crisis management program for teams, leadership groups and executives who have responsibility for security of personnel, assets and programs on the field. This seminar includes training in the following core areas: Evacuation Management, The Terrorism Threat, Contingency Planning, Policies, Leadership in Emergencies, Strategic Risk Forecasting (SRF), Tactical Risk Assessment (TRA), and Crisis Management Teams.

The Field Security Seminar (FSS) is a 3-day course which provides training in advanced security principles and tactics for individuals working in increasingly dangerous venues. The training in this seminar consists mainly of ‘real-life’ exercises supplemented with classroom presentations and case studies. During this three-day course, training will be provided in the following core areas: Hostage Survival, High-Risk Conflict Management, Target Hardening, Surveillance Management, Operations in Conflict/War Zones, Landmines, UXO and IEDs. There is no prerequisite required for this course.

Security Orientation Seminar (SOS) is a 1-day course intended to prepare participants in missions trips and projects with the essential information needed to maximize their security and safety. The 8-hour course includes modules of instruction on the following topics:

  • God’s Sovereignty
  • Personal Security Awareness
  • Managing Violent Encounters
  • Travel Safety
  • Surviving a Hostage Situation
  • Managing Interrogation

This fast-paced informative course is ideal for church and other short-term mission teams. Participants will learn how to identify and access sources of information about risk and danger, how to lower their security profile and the best security practices while traveling. They will receive instruction on managing violent encounters to achieve the highest rate of survival and the least chance of injury. Using a missionary case study, participants will learn the principles of hostage survival and managing interrogations (whether by kidnappers, government agents, etc.). All of this instruction has its foundation in God’s sovereignty.